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My Favorite Podcasts for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

If you are a small business owner and entrepreneur like me, you are constantly searching for the best online resources to grow and improve your business. With the surge in popularity that podcasting has seen over the last 5 years, now it’s easier than ever to pop your earbuds in and learn valuable business, marketing and financial lessons. There are hundreds of options out there, but I want to share my list of business, online marketing and tech podcasts that you might find useful in your small business or entrepreneurial venture. (more…)

Backup and Updating WordPress

Why You Should Update Your WordPress Website

Backup first then update WordPress

For goodness sake...

As I encounter more and more of my client’s sites getting hacked, I feel the urgency to write an article about why you should be updating the WordPress platform as all updates are released. Actually this goes for plugins as well. The onslaught of ill-willed hackers disrupting the businesses of others is mind boggling, but rather than belabor their sinfulness, I will focus on being proactive in building up an armory against them. (more…)

Imitation (Plagiarism) is (NOT) the Highest Form of Flattery

Copyscape provides invaluable services for those of us who have original content rich websites.  I have used the services of Copyscape many times over the years. Unfortunately I have quite frequently come across people who actually copy my website content verbatim.  They think because they are in another state that somehow they won't be found out and that it couldn't hurt. (more…)

Research Your Web Consulting Company Image

Educate Yourself Before Hiring a Web Consulting Company

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman who is in the business of breeding dogs. Her dog breeder website is self-made and not too shabby, getting decent rankings on Google because of the plethora of information she has on it. Come to find out this gal (and  many unsuspecting folks like her) has been taken for THOUSANDS of dollars by scamming Web Consulting companies portraying themselves as upstanding Web Site Developers and SEOs. (more…)