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4 Tips for Writing Website Copy

Your website copy is the glue that keeps your visitors sticking around your website. It’s the reason they are there: to learn about what you offer and how it can help them. If your website copy doesn’t educate, inform or entertain, your visitors won’t spend much time on your website, resulting in more traffic for your competition. Not only is quality content important, but the way you present the content must have website readers in mind.  (more…)

benefits of online marketing

3 Benefits of Online Marketing for Your Business

Over the years, I’ve had clients who have invested in amazing WordPress websites for their businesses but have declined website marketing services. The reasons vary but they typically take one of a few forms: it’s too expensive, I don’t have time to manage it, I want to do it myself, my business will grow without it. As a business owner, I can relate. But as a professional web consultant and SEO expert, I know firsthand the value that marketing online can bring to your business.   (more…)

SEM Search Engine Marketing

What is SEM and Why Do You Need It?

Did you say SEM? Yes...I said S - E - M

SEM is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing.

With the demise of print related marketing (IE the Yellow Pages), what is a business supposed to do to market their business these days? The US Census report on Internet use in the United States declared that approximately 75% of all USA households have the Internet and if not, they have Internet access via their phones. So the reality  is, your marketing dollars and/or your own time should be spent marketing your business on the WWW. (more…)