5 Cost Effective Ways To Market Your Local Business

It almost sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it ? “Cost-effective” and “Marketing” ? But this is not necessarily the case. Especially not in 2016. With the advancement of technology and “social media” now being practically synonymous with the “internet”, it is certainly now possible to market your business for a little as a couple hundred dollars each and every month and still come out at the other end with a GREAT return on investment.  

5 Cost-Effective Ways To Market Your Local Business

Facebook Ads

A few years ago Google Adwords was all the rage and businesses all over America still use them. The cost of Google Adwords however can climb very quickly. Enter Facebook Ads. (more…)

8 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Social Media in 2016

1.79 billion people in the world have a social media profile. That is almost 2 out of 7 people on the entire earth. In the US, 73% of adults have a social media profile and that is up from 24% just 7 years ago. To top it all off, 7% of respondents reported purchasing goods and services directly from businesses on social media (this accounts for direct buys so the real number of “buyers” is larger). When you translate that into raw numbers, it is nothing to balk at. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are no longer fads that will come and go. They are here to stay and any serious business owner ought to take notice and jump onto the ship if they already aren’t. Here are 8 reasons why your business SHOULD be on Social Media in 2016 (more…)