Victimized by a web services company?

Stop Being a Victim!

How to Overcome Being Victimized by a Web Services Company & Come Out Better for it…

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.” ~Rafiki

You are approached by a company who has gotten word you’ve purchased a domain name or maybe they’ve found you from various business listings. They sound amazing! Making extensive promises of what they can do for your business, whether it’s building a powerfully large website with tons of functionality or getting you on the 1st page of Google in a month. They often offer guarantees; either about getting you to page one of Google within a short amount of time or creating the Millennium Falcon of websites. In your mind your thinking…it’s too good to be true, but you ignore it ‘cause you want to believe they can do miracles for you! (more…)

NO Black Hat SEO!

It Is Possible!!! Google Manual Spam Action Revoked…

One of my wonderful clients was victim to numerous SEO companies taking advantage of her naivete and trusting nature.  Through the years that equated to approximately 4-5 SEO Companies who wreaked havoc with a myriad of ill written nonsense articles linking back to her site and linking her site from absurdly inappropriate 'link farms' and foreign link sites. (more…)

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Web Consulting, Family, Ministry…Making it Work!

Web Consulting, Single Mom and Ministry

Looking over my rankings and website content, I noticed I haven't blogged in 4 months!!  Ouch. Have I been sitting on my touche? No. So what then?  Why haven't I devoted the necessary amount of time and energy to keeping up with my website's content?  There have been numerous situations, I'm sure, that could have spawned a great article. Yet here we are four months later, my WordPress website crying for a new blog post. (more…)

Website Consultant Fees

Website Fees: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Is it reasonable to pay $1500+ for website development? How about $250? Why the vast differences in pricing? What skills are you paying for when hiring a website consultant?

Today while socializing with friends at a Memorial Day Celebration, that topic was broached.  A friend whom I am helping set up a website spoke with another fellow who said he paid $250 on Elance to have his website developed AND his other site moved to the new host.  Wow! What a deal!  So why wouldn't everyone hire these peeps who are charging such great rates to setup a website?  At the risk of sounding biased there are several reasons: (more…)

WordPress SEO

WordPress and 1st Page Google Rankings

I know that SEO takes quite a bit of work on my part; competitive research, keyword analysis, content generation or manipulation, coding precisely and making sure pages load quickly.  However I can't help but think that WordPress's unwavering quality as a content management system combined with the clean coding that a myriad of talented programmers have devoted to developing WordPress and the outrageously wonderful search engine optimization plugin's available...have a lot to do with it. (more…)

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Web Design Monthly Fees…Are They Worth It?

Monthly fees for maintenance of WordPress Websites seem to be quite popular among web design companies, BUT are they worth it? In the OLD days, which weren't so long ago (we're talking pre 2008), most websites were hand-coded via HTML.  Most website owners didn't know HTML, thus the need for a web developer to update photos and information.  The alternative was building a backend that was database driven.  For big companies with a large Internet budget, this wasn't a problem, however for the mom and pop shop that needed to get online this would incur quite an expense. (more…)

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Educate Yourself Before Hiring a Web Consulting Company

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman who is in the business of breeding dogs. Her dog breeder website is self-made and not too shabby, getting decent rankings on Google because of the plethora of information she has on it. Come to find out this gal (and  many unsuspecting folks like her) has been taken for THOUSANDS of dollars by scamming Web Consulting companies portraying themselves as upstanding Web Site Developers and SEOs. (more…)

A Coffee Drinking Web Designer

Why Use Web Consulting?

Web Consulting San Diego

People come to me for web consulting for many reasons.  Sometimes they just need a quick fix on their web site or need a bit of advice.  Others have taken on the task of building their own business website but they're befuddled by a WordPress function they would like to incorporate.  Occasionally a client will want a customized function that is not readily available in the suppository of plugins.  (more…)