How to Find the Right Web Developer

How to Find the Right Web Developer – 5 Things you need to know

Looking to build a website for your business? Here are some helpful hints moving forward.

Whether or not a perspective client hires me, I am always forthcoming with them about what they should look for in potential web developers. I want them to get the best value and quality work for their money. In order to do this they will need to consider a few things. There are a humongous amount of people who refer to themselves as web developers, oy…it’s almost mind boggling at how many people think they’re web designers once they’ve built Uncle Harry a blog. There are also unscrupulous agencies and overseas rip-offs that abound, so be careful and smart about choosing your next web designer. Ideally you want a relationship with them that will last for years. (more…)

Small Business Start-up Web Design

Small Business Startup: 3 Reasons to Start With Your Website

Starting a Small Business in San Diego?

If you're on the verge of opening a small business in San Diego, or you already own one; there is one important question you must first answer before taking another step. Do you have a website? It may seem shocking, in this day and age of Internet driven business, but according to multiple website surveys (including one by Internet search company Google and research company Ipsos), 55% of small businesses don’t have a website. (more…)

USA Service Providers

USA Web Development: We Do Not Outsource Overseas EVER!

Every week I am besieged by offshore companies asking for me to outsource my overflow work to them.  Time and again I politely say "We need to keep the jobs here (in the United States of America), sorry." Business owners need to understand that using cheap overseas service providers can cost your business more than you realize. [] (more…)

Website Consultant Fees

Website Fees: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Is it reasonable to pay $1500+ for website development? How about $250? Why the vast differences in pricing? What skills are you paying for when hiring a website consultant?

Today while socializing with friends at a Memorial Day Celebration, that topic was broached.  A friend whom I am helping set up a website spoke with another fellow who said he paid $250 on Elance to have his website developed AND his other site moved to the new host.  Wow! What a deal!  So why wouldn't everyone hire these peeps who are charging such great rates to setup a website?  At the risk of sounding biased there are several reasons: (more…)