Benefits of a Blog for Your Business Website

The Benefits of a Blog for Your Business Website

Does your business website have a blog? A blog feature on your website can help you to market your business online. A dedicated blogging strategy can help you grow your business as well as improve your search engine rankings. If you don’t already have a blog, or if you have one but it hasn’t been updated in years, it may be time to revisit your business blog.  (more…)

Optimizing your WordPress Blog Posts

Creating Search Engine Optimized Content & Posts

Optimize Your WordPress Blog Posts

I love helping fellow entrepreneurs in their quest to present their cultivated content to their Internet audience. Some blog posts are amazingly written and have depth to share with readers. Often, the best practices to make sure you are creating search engine optimized content for your audiences and Google are frequently overlooked. I hope the outline below is a helpful tool in making sure your WordPress blog posts and content are all they can be. These tips are based on a site that offers products, however these principals apply to professional services as well. (more…)

content creation is number one seo tool

Why Fresh SEO Content Is Vital For Your Website

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Content Creation is The #1 SEO Tool

As the owner of a website, the effort to attract your target audience and exist in their world isn’t over when your professional website is created and published. In order to gain a loyal following of customers and create a successful business, you must continuously create new, high-quality content that provides useful information. (more…)