why you need to maintain wordpress website san diego

Why You Need to Maintain Your WordPress Website

One of the biggest mistakes that many new website owners make is neglecting to maintain their WordPress websites. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your site safe and secure. It will also keep your website loading quickly, ranking high on search engines and providing your readers with a positive user experience. Your website is one of your most important business marketing assets and it needs to be taken care of regularly.  (more…)

WordPress Mainenance

You Don’t Need to Pay for WordPress Maintenance IF…

Revisiting one of my blog posts from three years ago, I had talked about how some companies in San Diego charge a monthly WordPress maintenance fee and it really isn’t worth it if you take care of your site yourself. For the most part I hold true to that post, you don’t need to pay for maintenance, but I’m adding an addendum with the word ‘IF’…a BIG IF (more on that later). (more…)