Categories and Tags in WordPress

Writing blog content for your WordPress website is great for helping educate and entertain your readers. It also helps boost your search engine rankings which expands your online presence, allowing you to grow your business. But all this content is most helpful to readers when it is properly organized. That’s where categories and tags come in. Do you know the difference between categories and tags in WordPress? Let’s talk about the difference between the two and why it’s a good idea to categorize and tag all of your WordPress blog posts. (more…)

benefits of using wordpress aca web consulting

4 Benefits of Using the WordPress Platform

We often get asked why we use WordPress as our content management system for client websites. Many people think that because WordPress is free, and because it started as a blogging platform, that it is not robust enough to adequately serve larger businesses or e-commerce websites.  But, with over 30% of CMS-based websites around the world built on the WordPress platform, it certainly is capable of supporting even the largest enterprises. In fact, large companies such as The New Yorker, The Walt Disney Company and TechCrunch all use the WordPress platform for their websites. (more…)

why you need to maintain wordpress website san diego

Why You Need to Maintain Your WordPress Website

One of the biggest mistakes that many new website owners make is neglecting to maintain their WordPress websites. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your site safe and secure. It will also keep your website loading quickly, ranking high on search engines and providing your readers with a positive user experience. Your website is one of your most important business marketing assets and it needs to be taken care of regularly.  (more…)

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How Usable is Your Website?

Not all websites are created equal. Let’s talk about web site usability.  

These days every business owner, organization or personal project has a website. This makes perfect sense, right? Your website acts as your business card, your sales funnel and your online store all in one. But not all websites are created equal. The usability of your site will have a direct impact on your visitors’ experiences and ultimately, your sales and engagement. (more…)

WordPress Mainenance

You Don’t Need to Pay for WordPress Maintenance IF…

Revisiting one of my blog posts from three years ago, I had talked about how some companies in San Diego charge a monthly WordPress maintenance fee and it really isn’t worth it if you take care of your site yourself. For the most part I hold true to that post, you don’t need to pay for maintenance, but I’m adding an addendum with the word ‘IF’…a BIG IF (more on that later). (more…)

Backup and Updating WordPress

Why You Should Update Your WordPress Website

Backup first then update WordPress

For goodness sake...

As I encounter more and more of my client’s sites getting hacked, I feel the urgency to write an article about why you should be updating the WordPress platform as all updates are released. Actually this goes for plugins as well. The onslaught of ill-willed hackers disrupting the businesses of others is mind boggling, but rather than belabor their sinfulness, I will focus on being proactive in building up an armory against them. (more…)

WordPress SEO

WordPress and 1st Page Google Rankings

I know that SEO takes quite a bit of work on my part; competitive research, keyword analysis, content generation or manipulation, coding precisely and making sure pages load quickly.  However I can't help but think that WordPress's unwavering quality as a content management system combined with the clean coding that a myriad of talented programmers have devoted to developing WordPress and the outrageously wonderful search engine optimization plugin's available...have a lot to do with it. (more…)

A Coffee Drinking Web Designer

Why Use Web Consulting?

Web Consulting San Diego

People come to me for web consulting for many reasons.  Sometimes they just need a quick fix on their web site or need a bit of advice.  Others have taken on the task of building their own business website but they're befuddled by a WordPress function they would like to incorporate.  Occasionally a client will want a customized function that is not readily available in the WordPress.org suppository of plugins.  (more…)

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Web Development: A Client’s Perspective

REMEMBER...Content is King!

Many times when I am approached to build a website, the client often doesn't have a clue of what's in store...for them.  What I mean by that is many people are under the assumption that when they hire a web developer, that they (the client) will have little else to do except give some general direction.  WRONG!!!  I think it would be valuable to educate the business owner about what is expected from them before they endeavor their website project. (more…)