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4 Tips for Finding the Right SEO Expert

Happy 2019! The new year often means an increased effort toward defining and achieving your goals. And for many small business owners, that means a focus on ramping up your marketing efforts. One avenue that you may choose to invest in is Search Engine Optimization. If you are looking to grow your small business and want to hire the right SEO expert to help you reach your goals, you should be aware that not all SEO experts are created equal.  (more…)

WordPress SEO

WordPress and 1st Page Google Rankings

I know that SEO takes quite a bit of work on my part; competitive research, keyword analysis, content generation or manipulation, coding precisely and making sure pages load quickly.  However I can't help but think that WordPress's unwavering quality as a content management system combined with the clean coding that a myriad of talented programmers have devoted to developing WordPress and the outrageously wonderful search engine optimization plugin's available...have a lot to do with it. (more…)

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Organic SEO – Yes You Can!

Successful organic SEO is not magic, a secret formula or even a sure bet. However, it is attainable with lots of research, ethical SEO practices and rich, pertinent content. The organic SEO rankings that my clients have obtained have been extraordinary.  I won't say I haven't been stumped on occasion when a website isn't ranking fast enough or as high as I planned on.  For the most part though, the rankings my clients have attained have made them very happy and often it has been the deciding factor of success in many of their businesses.  As any SEO can tell you...when sites we've worked on climb the Google Ranking ladder and find their way to page ONE, we are THRILLED.  Often people who may be outside my home office will hear me shriek with joy when I discover a website I've babied and cared for has made it to the 1st page of Google. (more…)


Guaranteed SEO?

Twice in the last week I've been approached by prospective clients about guaranteeing my SEO techniques. One business owner  asked me to take a look at his site because he needed SEO for his business which would be selling franchises and he had the belief that I should guarantee a first page result and that I shouldn't get paid till he is on the first page of Google. Google Webmaster tools and forums are adamant that NO FIRM CAN GUARANTEE 1ST PAGE GOOGLE RESULTS and if they do they are a scam. (more…)