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Why Use Web Consulting?

Web Consulting San Diego

People come to me for web consulting for many reasons.  Sometimes they just need a quick fix on their web site or need a bit of advice.  Others have taken on the task of building their own business website but they're befuddled by a WordPress function they would like to incorporate.  Occasionally a client will want a customized function that is not readily available in the WordPress.org suppository of plugins.  (more…)

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Web Development: A Client’s Perspective

REMEMBER...Content is King!

Many times when I am approached to build a website, the client often doesn't have a clue of what's in store...for them.  What I mean by that is many people are under the assumption that when they hire a web developer, that they (the client) will have little else to do except give some general direction.  WRONG!!!  I think it would be valuable to educate the business owner about what is expected from them before they endeavor their website project. (more…)