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Web Design Monthly Fees…Are They Worth It?

Monthly fees for maintenance of WordPress Websites seem to be quite popular among web design companies, BUT are they worth it? In the OLD days, which weren't so long ago (we're talking pre 2008), most websites were hand-coded via HTML.  Most website owners didn't know HTML, thus the need for a web developer to update photos and information.  The alternative was building a backend that was database driven.  For big companies with a large Internet budget, this wasn't a problem, however for the mom and pop shop that needed to get online this would incur quite an expense. (more…)

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Why Use Web Consulting?

Web Consulting San Diego

People come to me for web consulting for many reasons.  Sometimes they just need a quick fix on their web site or need a bit of advice.  Others have taken on the task of building their own business website but they're befuddled by a WordPress function they would like to incorporate.  Occasionally a client will want a customized function that is not readily available in the WordPress.org suppository of plugins.  (more…)