Benefits of a Blog for Your Business Website

The Benefits of a Blog for Your Business Website

Does your business website have a blog? A blog feature on your website can help you to market your business online. A dedicated blogging strategy can help you grow your business as well as improve your search engine rankings. If you don’t already have a blog, or if you have one but it hasn’t been updated in years, it may be time to revisit your business blog.  (more…)

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4 Benefits of Using the WordPress Platform

We often get asked why we use WordPress as our content management system for client websites. Many people think that because WordPress is free, and because it started as a blogging platform, that it is not robust enough to adequately serve larger businesses or e-commerce websites.  But, with over 30% of CMS-based websites around the world built on the WordPress platform, it certainly is capable of supporting even the largest enterprises. In fact, large companies such as The New Yorker, The Walt Disney Company and TechCrunch all use the WordPress platform for their websites. (more…)

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WordPress and 1st Page Google Rankings

I know that SEO takes quite a bit of work on my part; competitive research, keyword analysis, content generation or manipulation, coding precisely and making sure pages load quickly.  However I can't help but think that WordPress's unwavering quality as a content management system combined with the clean coding that a myriad of talented programmers have devoted to developing WordPress and the outrageously wonderful search engine optimization plugin's available...have a lot to do with it. (more…)

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Web Design Monthly Fees…Are They Worth It?

Monthly fees for maintenance of WordPress Websites seem to be quite popular among web design companies, BUT are they worth it? In the OLD days, which weren't so long ago (we're talking pre 2008), most websites were hand-coded via HTML.  Most website owners didn't know HTML, thus the need for a web developer to update photos and information.  The alternative was building a backend that was database driven.  For big companies with a large Internet budget, this wasn't a problem, however for the mom and pop shop that needed to get online this would incur quite an expense. (more…)